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Dec 17, 2023

“There’s a better way to do this, to help develop human beings. To have those connections, to lift others up and to be successful. You can be more successful if you treat others well and you take good care of them.”

Embrace a mindset of kindness, love, and respect, not only in leadership but in all aspects of life, and to view mistakes as lessons.

Traycee Mayer is the author of “The Leadership Contradiction: Choosing a Path of Love and Kindness”, and she has had over 40 years of success in various fields, including hospitality and business development. Traycee’s message conveys the importance of human connection, individualized coaching, and the value of treating people uniquely rather than fairly.

Explore themes of love and kindness in leadership by reading Traycee Mayer’s book “The Leadership Contradiction: Choosing a Path of Love and Kindness” available on Amazon or just simply go to

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